Recycle Material Green Building Energy Saving
Energy Saving

Efficient Machines
Every year, we do a energy efficiency check-up on all our machines and retire old unefficient equipements. We constantly look for new technology to improve energy efficiency of our machines. Less energy used during production means less carbon footprint produced.
Efficient Underground Water Cooling System
Both the plastic extrusion process and the thermoforming process required large cooling system. We engineer series of underground tanks to to aid this cooling process. At night, these tanks would absorb cooler temperature from underground. Cooled cold water is then used in the daytime for manufacturing process. This efficient setup help reduce energy used for cooling.
Efficient Water Curtain Cooling System
We install water curtain cooling system instead of traditional air conditioner in our production facility. It is an energy efficient system where outdoor air pass through series of water curtains and filters before entering the production facility. Outdoor air is efficiently cool by water and indoor hot air is then push out the facilty creating a comfortable working environment without high energy cost.
Efficient Lighting
We have begin replacing old lighting system to energy efficient LED or other type of effient lights. LED lighting only use 1/4 of energy needed compared to traditional lighting. We also use timmers to regulate lighting time in certain area to cut cost.