About Peiyu

About Peiyu:

Peiyu is a dedicated plastic manufacturer in film and thermoforming products, and is now servicing 800 customers in over 30 countries.  With manufacturing facilities located in both Taiwan and Vietnam, Peiyu strives to satisfy its customers in quality, pricing, and delivery.

Peiyu is founded by Mr. Lin Chin-Chuan in 1978.  Peiyu started out as a small film distributor in Taipei area, with only 3 employees in a 100 square meter warehouse.  Peiyu has now grown to a company with 320 employees in 42,900 square meter facilities, and turned over 33,000 tons of plastic sales in 2013.


Our mission is to be a Socially Responsible Corporate, and to fulfill the following aspects:
• Employee's Wellfare
• Stakeholder's Interests
• Community Care
• Environmental Awareness

We believe that corporate is not just a money making machine to satisfy shareholder’s earning expectation.  Corporate can do so much more, and that is what we are trying to accomplish.


• We believe that integrity is the basic and foremost principle of any business.  We strive to stay true to not only our employees and shareholders, but also to our customers and suppliers.

• In a world where everyone is moving forward, anyone staying still is considered moving backward.  That is why we believe in ever improving and ever challenging ourselves.  We do not just focus on growing revenue and profit, but also on enhancing our professional skills and abilities to better service our customers.


Customer Satisfaction Policy

We strive to satisfy our customers with the three basic yet most important aspects:
• Good Quality
• Low Pricing
• Fast Delivery

We see our customer’s competitiveness as our own competitiveness.  We constantly concentrate on these three aspects in order to keep our customer highly competitive in their field.