Recycle Material Green Building Energy Saving
Green Building


Rain Water Collection

Rooftop rain water is collected and stored in an underground tank. A simple filtration system is used to purify the water for reuse. Rain water is used to flush toilets, water plants, wash trucks and spray on rooftop for cooling during hot summer.

Natural Air Flow

Both the new headquarter and the warehouse is design with natural air flow. Hot air is enter from the bottom window and vent through the top window. This efficiency bring cool air into the office and warehouse without any mechanical means. It helps reduce the summer air conditioner electricity bill.

Natural Lighting

We use natural lighting in the design of our office space and facility. Headquarter office space is facing into an interior courtyard, which bring natural light from above. Large strip of windows are designed on the wall of warehouse, which also bring natural light into space. Lights only need to be turn on a cloudy day.

Local Material

When choosing material for our new headquarter, we deliberately choose local produced material to save energy needed for material transportation. In the interior, we purposely leave out decorative design and material to make it into a green building.