More than 35 years experience in plastic field, Peiyu Plastics commit ourselves providing best service and solution for customers’ demand. We have two state-of-the-art Japanese rigid PVC film calenders with monthly output over 2,500 tons and seven PET extruders with total capacity 2,000 tons per month. Except production of PVC and PET film, we also provide slitting into small roll service, cutting into sheet service and has two flat bed trimmers that make film even flatter for printing. With our own production facilities, complete distribution network, and regional subsidiaries, we are able to efficiently supply our products to various filed includes thermoform factories, printing houses, health and medical industries ….etc. domestically and overseas.
Study has shown that recycling 1 ton of PET bottles save 1.5 tons of CO2 vs landfill or incineration. To make a eco environment for us and next generations, we are dedicated to make recycle films. We now have technology to turn trash into gold. Except on-line recycling, we also process post-Consumer recycled plastic included bottles into good quality of R-PET film and meets the standard of US FDA. We can customize our recycle percentage to meet your demand on quality.

We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certificated manufacturer which means we have strict quality control procedure and comply with food safety standard of ISO22000, HACCP and GHP. For environment concern, we are also OHSAS 18001 certificated.
We manufacture our own PVC and PET films and we also supply various film products which include PS and PP. There are different grades within each product line.

PVC Film
Thermoforming grade PVC, Pharmaceutical grade PVC, Food grade PVC, Printing grade PVC, Folding box grade PVC,  Water / Cooling Tower fill grade PVC, Play card grade PVC, Matt PVC and PVC sheet.

PET Film
Thermoforming grade PET (A-PET, B-PET, R-PET, SRA-PET, SRB-PET), GAG, GBG, GRG (for High Frequency Welding), Antistatic Grade PET and PET sheet.

PP Film
Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming Grade PP and Stationery / Packaging Grade PP

PS Film
Thermoforming / Vacuum forming Grade PS, and Anti-static Grade PS

Soft PVC
Building material, Stationeries, Inflatable toys, Clothing, Bag , Advertisement and Medical Grade

Media and Cover Grade

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