Corporate Social Responsibilities
Internal Responsibilities:
Peiyu prides itself on recruiting talents and fostering on-the-job career developments. It is our core belief that outstanding employees along with corporate integrity build the foundation for sustainable growth. With the goal of creating a fair and non-discriminatory work environment, we continuously strive to improve our internal policies and adopt a more diversified benefit/compensation system.

Equal Rights / Non-Discriminations:
• Provide gender equalities in the work place by offering both gender the same opportunities for placements and advancements.
• Prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, gender, disabilities, age and sexual orientation.
• Forbid any form of human rights violations including abuse, oppression and harassment.
• Be in accordance or even exceeding the standards set by local labor laws.
• Provide extra group insurance and employee health checkups on top of the required labor insurance, health insurance and pension

• Aim to maintain company’s compensation level above that of industry or regional averages.
• Offer special bonuses/gifts for selected national holidays as well as personal events such as weddings, funerals and birthdays.
• 2 organized company-wide events per year such as annual offshore/domestic tour and annual athletic competition.
• Provide academic scholarships for employee’s children and organize annual Family Day celebrations.
• 20% annual net profit sharing with employees on top of the guaranteed year-end bonus.

Employee Training and Career Developments:
• Internal and external training courses depending on job requirements.
• Complete orientation and introductory training for new employees.
• Allow job rotations to offer new challenges and opportunities while preventing burnout.
• Encourage executives to return to school and attain higher education.

External Responsibilities:
Peiyu understands the importance of social responsibilities and giving back to the community. We actively participate in local community services and charity works including setting aside 2% of our annual net profit for charitable donations. We have recently been involved in the following charity events.

• Donations for natural disaster relief efforts
  (e.g. Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan, 311 earthquake in Japan, Si Chuan earthquake in China, etc.)
• Donating to local elementary schools (e.g. classroom curtains, library books, band uniforms, etc.)
• Donations to local charities (e.g. meals on wheels services local elders or disabled who live alone, library facilities, etc.)
• Participate in local community service (e.g. offering needed reinforcement at local libraries, and etc.)