1978. Founder – Mr. Lin Chin-Chuan established Peiyu Plastics Corporation in San Chung District, New Taipei City. Peiyu began as a plastic distributor that serves customers in northern Taiwan with capital of NT$200,000.
1978. Peiyu opened its second distributing location in Taichung named Tongyu Plastics.
1997. Peiyu opened its third distributing location in Tainan named Fuyu Plastics.
1998. Peiyu opened its fourth distributing location in Shen Zhen, China named Huayu Plastics.
2003. Peiyu opened its own manufacturing plant, Tungyu Plastics, with capital of NT$10,000,000 in Youth Industrial Park, Taichung City.
2004. Peiyu purchased one PET Extruder and one PVC Calendar and officially commenced mass production in November.
Peiyu increased the capital to NT $ 100 million.
2005. Peiyu successfully introduced ERP System and intergrate enterprise resource planning into the business.
2006. Peiyu expanded its production capacity by purchasing second PET extruder and second PVC calendar.
Peiyu setup 2nd plant in Taichung in order to meet increasing demands.
Peiyu increased its capital to NT$200 million.
2007. Tungyu Plastics changed its name to Peiyu Plastics Corporation.
2008. Peiyu increased its capital to NT$250 million. Peiyu Corporation purchased Peiyu Plastics Co., Ltd. and XingyuPlastics Co., Ltd. as subsidiaries.
Peiyu began offer share purchase option to its employees.
2009. Peiyu expanded its capital to NT$300 million.
Peiyu received ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certificate.
2010. Peiyu began OEM packaging manufacturing and purchased 2 sets of automatically pressure forming machines.
Peiyu purchased a piece of land in New Taipei City and began construction of its corporate headquarter.
Peiyu received ISO22000/HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points) Food Safety Management System Certificate.
2011. Peiyu increased its capital to NT$305 million.
Peiyu purchased two granulators, new sorting stations and new filter systems to process 100% recycle PET.
Peiyu purchased 4 sets of automatically pressure forming machines and 3 sets of PET extruders.
Peiyu received Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certificate.
Peiyu received ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System Certificate.
2012. Peiyu move into the new headquarter in New Taipei City.
Peiyu received GMP for packaging in Taiwan.
2013. Peiyu implemented 5S system.
Peiyu received ISO 18001 OHSAS / OSHA
2016. Peiyu received Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000).