Hygiene Standard
Hyguene standard is very important to us, since we serivce food service, food processor and produce industry. We take extra effort to prevent foreign object and insect contamination in our finish product. We have strict control to meet food safety standard which confirm to the ISO22000, HACCP and GMP.

Strict Clothing Requirements
All workers are required to wear protective glove, hair net, full body suit and slippers before entering the plant. All personal entering production area must follow strict clothing requirement.
Good Hygiene Practice
All workers are required to wash hand with anti-bacteria soap before entering the Packaging area. All sick employee must report to the company before entre the production area. No food or suger drinks in the production area.
Insect Prevention
Insect repellent spay are used monthly around the factory environment monthly. Inspect repelling lights are used near entrance. Mouse trap are placed around the production floor and warehouse to meet prevention standards.
Foreign Object Contamination Preventation
All entrances to the production floor have double layer enclosure to prevent foreign contamination. Separate forklifts are used between production area and the warehouse.